Sales & Distribution Consulting

Sales, distribution, sales - this is how distribution policy is often referred to as part of sales management. According to the definition in business administration, it includes all paths of the distribution object (product, service, rights) from the manufacturer to the end customer. This can be done both directly and indirectly (through intermediaries, distributors). The distribution policy is one of the most important pillars of the marketing mix and is an elementary factor of success. It determines both the choice of sales channels, the channel mix and its implementation. It therefore has a strategic and an operational component.

The areas of distribution policy

The sales policy can be classified into on the basis of distinctive features:

  • Sale
  • Methodology
  • Degree of distribution
  • Logistics

The sale is based on the needs of the respective customers and puts them in the center. Centrally, you are considered in the phases of acquisition, service, retention and recovery. It is the operational phase of customer service.

The sales methodology is the control element to achieve the company goals with high efficiency.

The degree of distribution is the parameter for the success of the product in the market, it indicates to what extent products are available in a market and what success you achieve there.

Logistics organizes the physical distribution of goods as well as the process-related design of this. Warehouses, logistics partners, and shipping routes are factors to be defined.

The interaction of the individual methods forms the basis of a company's distribution policy, which shapes the sale of products and services on their way to the end customer.

Our offer

Martens & Kollegen are experienced consultants for the optimization of your sales organization and distribution policy. Our approach is to identify and leverage potential and to implement necessary changes in a targeted manner. We care about the success of your products or services in the market as well as about the set-up of your sales teams.

Our offer:

  • Sustainable sales concepts
  • Strategic sales consulting and development of sales strategies and digital strategies
  • Distribution Analysis
    • Analysis and evaluation of the existing sales organization,
    • Analysis and evaluation of the existing channel mix,
    • Success analysis of products and services in markets and potentials
  • Evaluation of distribution levels and lifting of potentials
  • Structuring, digitalization and optimization of your sales processes
  • Support in negotiations with customers to bring about change
  • Strategic management consulting

We are partners for start-ups, scale-ups and medium-sized businesses. We combine our practical experience (many years of operational sales responsibility) with modern sales technologies.

Our plus: If you wish, we will personally implement the adaptations planned together with you, thus guaranteeing the success of the measures.