Project: The shrimp farm

Go-to-Market - Martens und Kollegen

The shrimp farm:

Several entrepreneurs had the idea to breed shrimps in an aquaculture in Germany in order to oppose regional, fresh products to the global mass production. For this purpose, a completely sustainable concept (from breeding to delivery) was to be implemented and, at the same time, maximum attention was to be paid to animal welfare. A company was founded and the financing was in its final stages. Then there were changes in the management. 

As is often the case in the lives of sales and marketing consultants, projects come up at very short notice. We were asked to develop a complete go-to-market strategy within a very short time. We only had a few weeks to do this. 

Our key advantage is an efficient combination of consulting and interim management. We don't talk about it, we do it and achieve results! 

Thus, we were allowed to design, implement and permanently expand the go-to-market strategy.

Sven Martens was appointed as Head of Sales and Marketing (ad interim) and implemented the complete market transition from the strategic planning of the sales and marketing strategy to the operational launch of the brand. 

In addition to normative and strategic planning, we set up the complete marketing mix : Product sizes, price thresholds and pricing, sales channels, brand messaging, corporate identity, USP, EIA, EAP, advertising channels, content plans and marketing priorities, budgeting, channel mix and much more.

The accompanying agencies were selected in consultation with the management. Partner agencies from the areas of web design, online and offline marketing, content seeding and PR editing were involved. 

Even before the go-live in the market, the largest social community in the reference market was built up. Clearly structured editorial plans for the product and the sustainable idea of the company inspired the community over a longer period of time and right on time for the opening of the online store. Listings and talks with the largest retail partners and renowned restaurants were achieved, a separate B2B area was designed and field staff was selected for the operational implementation. 

We wish the shrimp farm the greatest possible success and thank you for the cooperation. A great project!

Martens & Kollegen - Düsseldorf