Interim managers at the go-to-market?

Interim Management at Go to Market - Martens und Kollegen

Interim managers at the go-to-market?

Interim Manager at Go-to-Market - Martens und Kollegen

Especially at the start of your product or the implementation of your idea, an interim manager can give you the support you need at the go-to-market.

The go-to-market expert is your sparring partner who reflects your ideas together with you and makes them viable, translates them from the meta clouds into concrete steps and networks the different areas.

Do, Do, Do ...

To enter the market, it's do, do, do. And for this you need your back free and an experienced partner who knows which screws to turn.

At this point, it makes sense to provide your team with the experienced mentor who can help you and you move forward.

Interim Manager at Go to Market - Martens und Kollegen

We offer you experts who have experienced and managed all phases in the life of a company in practice. They have mastered both growth and recession and know the effects of each phase and how to implement them.

Alternative for the shortage of skilled workers

Fractional Executives - Martens and Colleagues

With the current shortage of skilled workers, we are an interesting alternative to provide immediately available expertise through interim professionals. You have the time to take care of your personnel search and find your ideal candidates, while we can support you promptly.

Since we are entrepreneurs ourselves, we have on the one hand implemented the things that are currently on your mind when going to market, and on the other hand we have many years of practical experience as managing directors, general managers, heads of sales and marketing or even heads of PR and communications.

Fractional or interim manager at go-to-market?

We now port the experience as interim managers and offer our experience to start-ups or scale-ups. We work exclusively in longer projects as Interim Managers as well as Fractional Executives in regular periods to transfer know-how.

We are convinced that we can answer your current questions as a business consultant and partner, but we also actively tackle and implement our joint strategies for you.

Feel free to contact us, we are looking forward to your project.